Psychic Medium Angelina Diana is the real deal. CT Slant - Life From A New Angle

Psychic Medium Angelina Diana is the real deal. CT Slant - Life From A New Angle

Psychic Medium Angelina Diana is the real deal. CT Slant - Life From A New Angle

Psychic Medium Angelina Diana is the real deal. CT Slant - Life From A New Angle

Psychic Medium Angelina Diana is the real deal. CT Slant - Life From A New Angle

Psychic Medium Angelina Diana is the real deal. CT Slant - Life From A New Angle

The Other Side

THE OTHERSIDE - Enfield Connecticut Psychic Medium Angelina Diana is the Real Thing

Note from Editor Alistair Highet of CT Slant Magazine -
"We've wanted to write about Enfield psychic [Medium] Angelina Diana ever since we came up with the idea of this magazine. No matter what your feeling is about these matters, it seems to me indisputable that some people are more attuned than others, in a way that allows them to feel and know things that most of us are unaware of. Do departed friends from the "other side" speak through Diana, or is it more a matter of profound intuition? Our publisher Janet Reynolds bravely volunteered to be the guinea pig in our experiment and went for a reading. The experience was profound for her and I think you'll find it amazing to read about."

Enfield Psychic Angelina Diana is the Real Thing

August 2007
By Janet Reynolds | Photography by Nick Lacy

The first thing Enfield psychic Angelina Diana describes is how my mother died. “I feel as if I have to cough,” she says, sitting in a chair across from me, patting her chest repeatedly. “I feel as if my lungs are filling up with fluid.” Eight years ago, my mother died four hours after being taken off a ventilator after she developed pneumonia. More to the point, I hadn’t said a thing about my mother, not even that she was dead.

And that was just the beginning. In the course of the hour-or-so reading, my mother, through Diana, describes some very specific things about my childhood family — physical attributes shared by me and my father, for instance, family trips in a Winnebago, and my mother’s alcoholism. These details are offered, Diana says, as validations, or proof, that this spirit really is my mother.

My father also “arrives” early in this reading. He’s dressed in a military uniform — my father was in the army.

“I see a man flipping dimes here on a bed,” Diana says. “I’m getting opposites with him. He looks like a general but he has heart and sympathy too. He’s a down-to-earth man. He’s making me hear names. Does Frederick mean anything to you?” It was my father’s middle name and his father’s name.

Throughout the reading, Diana, who is a medium as well as a psychic, discusses traits and events about me that she perceives, filling in at various points with comments from my parents. She describes, fairly accurately I might add, where I am in my life right now and what she thinks the future holds. My parents, she says, are here to reassure me — my father to offer advice about work and my mother to remind me of her love.

“Did your mother used to bring you flowers or drop off food for you?” Diana asks. I nod yes. “She has that mommy touch. She wants to remind you of that. She’s tying up the loose ends of your relationship.

“I sense you are a leader,” Diana continues. “You’re being challenged to change your management style. You’re being tested. Your father says, ‘Finesse it. Don’t use your words. Use your silence.’ Saying less is better. Grace under pressure is your nickname.”

It is all a little startling, in a comforting rather than alarming way. Listening to Diana is like listening to a good friend. Of medium height with long brown hair, Diana has a warm, firm handshake and sparkling clear eyes. We sit down for the reading in her living room, I on the sofa, she on a chair across from me. Flowers and candles adorn the table. Add a cup of tea and this would look like two good friends gossiping.

Diana didn’t begin her work life as a psychic. She worked 10 years as a radio broadcaster before being drawn into the world of psychics and mediums after booking psychics for the radio show. Now she’s the one being booked — she appears regularly on KISS 95.7 FM with Courtney in the Morning — as she does readings and workshops full-time, helping people to discover their sixth sense. “I help people unlock their own intuition and be guided by it,” she says.

So is Diana just lucky? Someone who’s really good at reading body language? An expert Googler who discovered details of my life that I can’t find on the web? Or is she really able to communicate with the afterlife and intuit things that many people can’t?

Scientists offer a simple response. Psychic phenomena is unable to be proved through scientific experiments, therefore it does not exist. End of story. It’s a cut-and-dried approach that obviously doesn’t work for everyone, however, because people have turned to psychics, tarot cards, palm readers, tea leaves, whatever, for centuries in an attempt to find meaning or comfort in a random world.

The volley between psychic perceptions and spirit involvement is common to Diana’s readings. While not all psychics are also mediums, ie. able to communicate with the afterlife, all mediums are psychics, according to Diana. Typically she begins a session by telling a sitter she will use both for her reading.

First and foremost, Diana sees herself as a teacher. “We all have the ability to connect to people we love and miss, ” she says. It’s just a question of being open to the energy and letting go of any fears you might have to be open to the other side. “They open it up for me,” she says, “because you bring your loved ones with you.”

Early in the meeting, Diana warns a sitter not to say anything personal. Sitters are instructed to simply answer yes or no to any question she might ask. True psychics, Diana says, do not pry or try to lead a sitter into revealing information that they can then use to act as if they are reading the future.

Diana closes each session by asking a sitter if there are any additional questions. “I don’t want you to leave with any questions,” she says. “My hope is that whatever we talk about, you can walk away with completion or the beginning of a journey.”

Diana uses all the senses during a reading. Sometimes she sees something in a daydream form or maybe an image that flashes near a sitter’s body. Other times she literally feels something, as with my mother, or she tastes something. “We are antennaes,” she says. “I have to trust the spirit and the energy that comes through. My hope is we can go on this journey together.”

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