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I remember being a young girl and wondering what my purpose was.  I know I felt sensitive. I felt a little out of step because everyone around felt bolder and stronger. I thought my sensitivity was a handicap. Now, I understand that it is my strongest sense. My goal now is to take this strength and teach to others. I feel our intuition, empathy and spiritual gifts can actual bring us closer to our purpose and if you are missing someone that has passed, those abilities can help us connect to them. 

My Hope

I hope to be a resource for those that are curious, hurting, in need of guidance and strength. I feel so honored to be involved as a student of energy since 1998 and working as a Psychic medium since 2001. I also felt honored to be the first medium to be certified by the Forever Family. 

Please feel free to contact for a private reading, groups, classes , lectures and events. 

Together on the journey, 

Angelina Diana


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to help. Let's connect.

Text (860) 729-9641

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