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The Responsibilities of a Metaphysical Practitioner 

Copyright Angelina Diana


  • A Medium's purpose is to honor the messages of the otherside and to provide proof and evidence that a spirit is communicating.

  • A Psychic's purpose to provide validating information about the sitter's (the person being read) energy concerning their life issues and spiritual growth. A psychic should provide evidence that they are connecting to a sitter's energy. 

  • The goal of a Psychic & Psychic Medium is to open a  path that enlightens, empowers  and helps the sitter (the person being read) on their personal journey to see that energy is present in the physical world. Also, to be a resource to  help inspire  the sitter see that they have the ability to connect to that energy, be intuitive and feel the presence of their loved ones on the otherside.


             Metaphysical Practitioner will...........


Provide validation (evidence) during the reading.

Honor the sitter's free will to make choices.

Present the information in a matter that will not cause harm to the sitter.

Stop a Sitter from giving too much information during a reading to maintain the integrity of the reading.

Not use a checklist of questions to dig for information (fishing). 

Surrender their ego to see  that they have the ability to be wrong.


Will never shame clients publicly for not showing up for an appointment because an ethical caring medium will realize the sensitive nature of grief 


Not claim their work is for "Entertainment Purposes" .


Never post that they have connected to a spirit on facebook or Social Media and fishes to see who that spirit belongs. Then asks that person to meet them before an events. (spying or getting a visual on someone to look right at an event) 

Will understand the responsibility and impact that a reading can have on a sitter and will not foster a dependency of their work with a sitter.


Never claim the the reason why they CAN NOT connect to s spirit is because they are afraid to come in the room because they do not believe in mediums. A medium Can validate that the spirit didn't believe in Mediums but to say they can connect to them because of that is the sign of an underdeveloped practitioner. In other-words, if they are picking up that the spirit doesn't believe in mediums or can't "enter the room" isn't the medium already communicating with them? Food for thought!


My fellow practitioners, please write me an ask for permission to use these on your website.  Remember spirit knows the truth!

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