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Request CLASSES with Psychic Medium Angelina Diana


Some classes include a few demonstrations of readings but the focus is learning and sitting with like minded people. 

Please fill out the form below to make your request or even a suggest of a class 


Psychic Mediumship Class

( 6-25 at Suffield CT office ) * 6- unlimited numbers at your location. 

Basics Understanding of your Spiritual Instrument (The Chakras) 

Honing in on intuition Psychic Senses

Psychic Tools

Ethics of a Metaphysical Practitioner & Types of Psychics Mediums

Testing your psychic abilities "The Dream Experiment"

Understanding how spirit communicates with us (The Great Exchange)


Spirit Guides 

And more. 

-4 hour class basic overview. Angelina will touch upon each topic and give you homework to go on your journey.

$140 per person ( Materials included) 

-8 hour class More in depth of each topic.

Angelina will also demonstrate readings and give some class members a chance to do a readings with instruction.

$175 Per person ( Materials included) 

Due to the function 


Family Otherside Class (4-10 people

Has your family suffered a devastating loss and you wish to understand how your loved ones communicates with you. This class is a  perfect intimate setting for a family who has had common losses and which to learn how to connect and stay connected to the otherside. $125 PP (Includes Materials) 


Psychic Circle Class ( 3-15 

This class and reading circle is perfect if you want some guidance and understanding on how to manage life with using your intuition. Spiritual guidance, connection and readings are included. $120 pp ( Includes materials). 

*If you are interested in a Reading focused group, please go to Request Groups/Events



Client Suggested Class ( make request below) 


All of Angelina'a classes give you an 
opportunity  to use the cost of the class  as a credit towards a private hour session with her at a later date. You must book the session within a month after the class. 

Request a Class

Thank you for your interest in Class with Angelina Diana

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