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NEW ( dates coming up shortly ) 

Special classes with special prices are now being planned this summer. Every class includes readings but the focus is learning and gaining an understanding of creating hope with connection. *

You can look at her events page for upcoming dates or request them at your location. 

Psychic & Energy Class( 6-25 people with readings**) 

Need an Energy Boost? This is the Class and Reading Event that will help you gain and understanding of energy whether you have loos a loved one or want to amp up your intuition!

Family Otherside Class (3-10 people with readings) ***

This class and reading circle is a perfect intimate setting for a family who has had common losses and which to learn how to connect and stay connected to the otherside. 

Psychic Circle ( 3-10 people with readings) ***

This class and reading circle is perfect if you want some guidance and understanding on how to manage life with using your intuition. Spiritual guidance, connection and readings are included. If you did not get a reading you will able to ask a direct question to Angelina on s topic you need help with. 


*If you are interested in a Reading focused group, please go to "Book Readings" and reserve a goup. 


(** with groups of 6 or more not everyone can expect a reading) 


( ***  For groups under 10, if you did not get a reading , you may ask a direct question to Angelina for advice and connection) 


All of Angelina'a classes give you an opportinty to use the cost of the class towards a private session with her at a later date. You must book the session within two weeks after the class. 


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