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Preparing For A Successful Video Chat Session



I Look forward to our time together


Please read these instructions carefully for a successful reading.

These requests may seem strict but they are delivered with kindness and to help .

They have proven to result in successful sessions and have been tried and true since I started my work in 2001.  I humbly request that you follow them so I can help and I deeply  thank you in advance for following them.

Thank you for the opportunity to help.


Angelina Diana




15-30 minutes before your session time. 


Take time to breath. 


Within your belief system, meditate, pray or even daydream your intention for this time you are taking for yourself. 


It can be as simple as thinking of 3 things you are grateful for, things you want to attract in your life or signs you wish to receive from a love one who is passed.


You are worth taking this time. You are more than your feelings. You deserve to take this extra time for yourself to be as relaxed as possible for the session. 


I  have blocked this time off to honor the energy I need to be as accurate and helpful to you. Adding people unknowingly to the session could tax my energy and the results may not honor your intention. Please allow at least 24 hours notice if you wish to add people to your session.

Please take a few minutes to set up your device so it is stationary though-out the session. I will not start the session until you feel settled and ready.  Please do not do the session while moving. That also includes being in a car and doing housework. If these requests are not honored, the session will be canceled and you will lose your time and payment.

The Session

At the time of your scheduled session, I ask that you call me to set the intention for the reading. If you are using Zoom, you simple just need to go to the zoom room but click on the Meeting ID that was sent to you. By calling or clicking the zoom ID , you are giving me permission to work with your energy. It is actually unethical for a psychic medium to read you without your permission or to reach out and offer to read you without you intitiating a request. 

For FaceTime Reading


My Facetime number is (860) 729- 9641. You will need an I-Phone or IOS device like an  I-Pad or MAC  to do the reading. If you have an android, you can use skype or  I  can set up a ZOOM session. Please let me know asap 

 if you need to use another way to videochat. Please consider letting me know before your scheduled appointment as it will result in a loss of time for your reading. 


For a Zoom Reading

You will be emailed a Zoom ID with a passcode simply click the URL, enter the code and wait for Angelina to admit you in.


Phone  Reading

Please be the only person in the room for a 1 person reading and be clear of any distractions so you can place all of your energy through the phone lines.


If I  do not pick up or permit you to enter, it means that I am running over time with my previous session. This can happen when the session is taxing due to a loss. You will not lose anytime of your session if you text me immediatly to let me know you are ready for your session. If you forget about your session or call late , you will lose the time and it will be considered a miss appointment and a loss of payment.


Thank you for the honor of working with your energy. 


Together in the Journey


Angelina does a few readings on KISS 95.7 with Courtney and KITM


From The Otherside Radio aircheck  with Angelina Diana --->




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