Thank you for taking time to read this.  I have sent aside time for your loved ones, meditated  and have prepared my energy for your reading.  So, in essence you and I are making an appointment with Spirit! It is important that you keep this time that you have scheduled

Thank you in advance for understanding this and honoring this.

I look forward to our time together. 

Angelina Diana

Angelina accepts the following forms of payment

Credit Card Book through the booking site you will have an opportunity to make payment

Cash ​ Accepted the day of the session a deposit must be made to hold the session time.

Venmo or Cash App No processing fee when using your debit card 

Paypal $10 fee for 1 person reading Fees vary depending on the amount you are charging

Check Please send to office one week before session​​

​Phone and Live Video readings

You must call Angelina at your appointed time. This sets the intention that you want a reading, If you do not call Angelina, it counts as a missed appointment and you lose your payment. If you call late you will of offered to have the reading in the remaining time of your scheduled session. ​The number to call  for phone a session is (860)-729-9641.
Late arrivals 
If you feel you will be late for your appointment , you must Call or Text the office at 860 -729-9641. You will have the choice of taking the remaining time left in your appointment or rescheduling for an additional $175.  
For private sessions
​You can change your  appointment up to 48 hours prior before your scheduled time. Please email at to arrange a new time .  If you do need to change your appointment within the 48 hours prior to your scheduled time, you will need to inform us via email there is a $175  rebooking fee.  Gift certificate also apply to this policy. Please be sure that your recipient understand this booking policy.  Note: If you are having a VideoChat/Phone Appointment and run into Tech issues, Please text right away to (860) 729-9641. This will show that you have the intention to be there but tech issues are preventing you to do so. If we do not have a text, this will be considered a no  show or late appointment. 
For Group Session
We need a week notice if there are any changes with your group session. 
If you have booked a group session for  2 or more people, please know that we are reserving a large block of time.  Please be sure that the number of people confirmed for your group are solid bookings. If you need to make changes for your group be sure you let us know one week prior to your group date.  Please know that the full amount per person is still due unless you have given us notice . We do, however, understand that juggling the schedule of others can be a challenge. For this reason, if your group changes their mind, we will allow you to use the down payment or prepayment of your group as a credit if you inform us one week prior to your group date. 
No Shows or Cancellations of appointments
 No shows or cancellations of your appointment will result in a loss of your payment. If you have chosen to pay cash, a $175  rebooking fee will be added to the cost of the session. This also applies to Gift Certificates and Raffles. Raffle Prizes  expire one month after winning.